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Kimono Tech

Our quest? The most comfortable, supportive, and Eco-friendly Kimono on the planet. We have crafted a Legendary Kimono, your body will love you more every time you roll in your Legendary Kimono!


We set out to design a Kimono that feels so good you'll want to sleep in it.

We focused on softness combining the highest quality materials.

Starting with legendary cotton sourced from the best farms on the planet.

Then weaving in our silky smooth Soft-Tech fibers for the ultimate in breath-ability and durability.


At Legendary we know the value in the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties of a kimono.

Our Soft-Tech fibers have these properties built in from the ground up.

Our Soft-Tech kimonos are engineered to contour to your body, keep you dry, and protected so you can keep doing your thing on the mats.

Legendary Gis

It's Time
For a

Legendary Gis

Engineered for Success

Whether you're training for a tournament, fitness, or Fun, we know you want to feel supported. When you put on a Legendary Kimono, you may not think about the super soft and breathable Soft-Tech weave top or the extreme performance of Soft-Tech infused pants, but you'll know that you're starting your training session with extra comfort and durability for the hustle that lies ahead.

Legendary Gis


Our top priority at Legendary is our relationship with you and our diverse community. Our goal is to maximize your happiness, please let us know what we can improve. Give you a refund? Send you a new BJJ Gi? We will go the distance. We are here for you 100%. Please reach out to our Euphoria Engineers. Your thoughts and feelings matter to us. We WANT to hear from you!